Listenlogging Number Two

written the night of October 17th 2019 #listenlogging

I didn't listen to any music at all today ironically. Instead I listened to new 6+ hour retelling of the story of Charles Manson in podcast form.

The podcast is called You Must Remember This and I was recommended it by someone many months ago. I don't actually remember who it was that recommended it. I think it was at Hare Krishna in New Orleans when it happened.

picture of Charles Manson

I was thinking I would write about my thoughts of listening to the stories for 6 hours but I think that much of one story and your brain is just mush. Also don't really feel like thinking about it any more since I have spent most of my day in this place and am trying to get ready for sleep. So I guess day two of #listenlogging is a bit of a failure. Though maybe it is a success cause I am writing this down right now and that was my point all along.