Listenlogging Number Ten

written the night of October 25th 2019 #listenlogging

This list isn't in order but who the fuck cares. I am not sure why I am doing this anymore. I guess seeing the view count keeps being 0 makes me a little less inclined to write. Though I am not really saying anything that interesting other then “this good” or “this sorta ok” etc

Baduizm(s) By Gavin Gamboa + Erykah Badu “Twelve remixes of material from Baduizm (1997), Erykah Badu's debut record” Had been meaning to listen to my friend new remix album since we hung out in Berlin and finally ran into it again today so got the chance to listen. It was quite good. I was impressed at how experimental it was.

Ran into the following two albums just looking through the stuff BandCamp had featured. They usually do a good job of featuring a diverse selection of sounds and was happy to discover both of these jems though clicking on stuff.

Lewis Cancut – Air Condition

Kamaal Williams

This compilation #chiptune album had some killer songs on it and also some awful ones. I was working so wasn't able to ascertain which were which. I will have to re-listen and look up the artists who I actually liked another time. Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8