Listenlogging Number Six

written October 21st 2019 #listenlogging

I finished listening to season two of Limetown, which was almost 5 hours of audio. It was ok but failed at leaving me feeling excited about it for the same reason I don’t watch most hollywood movies.

I took a listening break and ate some snacks and then listened to the first half of this mix by #SdLaika called Meshes that I very much enjoyed.

I quickly started feeling bored by my own thoughts and needed some mental stimulation so opened youtube and somehow stumbled on This Is Water by David Foster Wallace which resulted in me tearing up. I had never listened to anything by them. Actually I didn’t know who they where until they died and everyone online was talking about them for a week.

I had been thinking about language and wondering if I actually understood what semantics meant so I had looked it up on YouTube hoping to find a thorough synopses and came across a bunch of lectures and interviews with Noam Chomsky. I started with listening to The Concept of Language

I went on to Chomsky explaining what anarchism means to them and continued into an interview where they explain world politics through The Alien perspective on humanity, an interview by Tilo Jung. I ended with a bit about politics and that focused on how they would vote for Jeremy Corbyn.”)

After listening to Chomsky for hours I started craving a less male way of thinking and remembered that I had been meaning to listen to #JudithButler for a while now and listened to a whole bunch of recordings. These are the only two I listened to in their entirety.

Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor went for a walk

Judith Butler talking about anarchism

I don't know what Butler said that reminded me to look up the concept of the #kibbutz but something they said did and ended up listening to a number of videos on the matter. an Israeli boy explaining their life on a kibbutz

I then listened to a bunch of snippets of stuff about the communes in Rojava but all the stuff on youtube was subtitled and ended up distracting me from work so of course what I needed was to listen to All The Things She Said by .

Needed to get back up to speed and listen to some more music so I turned to #PussyRiot's КОШМАРЫ / NIGHTMARES and then their cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit and a bunch of other songs that were less memorable by the end of the day.

The final chapter of lecture-y stuff to end the day was #MichaelPollan's “Cannabis, The Importance of Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire” which was very good. The one thing I will mention here is their dumb intro introduced me to the word aptronym. On looking up the spelling for this wort I just discovered Wiktionary's English words suffixed with -onym