Longer form blogs have been something I've never really put much thought into. When I was younger on the internet the focus was already on images and fandom content rather than a teenager ranting about conservatives.

Now it's a dance between opinions and a professional image. Not revealing so much that it would hurt employment, unless you stay completely anonymous. However if you have something successful it could be a positive in terms of employment. Aka capitalism sucks.

Also you have topical blogs about one thing or another and there my tendency to jump to a new hyper focus every couple of months kind of puts a damper on that. I can't commit to any one kind of content because it just feels restrictive. but otherwise what else is there? Just my lovely personality?

meta sidenote: still can't figure out how to look at other blogs on and not sure if that's an option yet.


Always be nice to your wife, and other maxims

U-haul with the best of them to ensure maximum time to put up cute pictures on the wall.

Bring snacks to each other as often as possible so you will always have snacks.

Be nice. Give Kisses.

Give chocolate (did I mention the importance of snacks?)

Cuddles can mean holding hands in bed because you both have sore backs and one of you is really fidgety.

Wifes are the best