What is International Aviation HQ?

International Aviation HQ is an aviation news site, founded by Raptor Consolidated Media Group in June 2019. It is RCMG's principal aviation site (as the company owns many other websites openly, and likely hides its ownership of many others!)

The aim of the site is to be the go-to site for everyone in the aviation sphere, whether they are simply someone who likes aviation, a CEO of a major airline, or aviation photographers can come to exchange their thoughts on the latest aviation news!

In June 2019, RCMG announced that they'd be starting a new site, to complement the ones it already owned. They announced that it would be called “International Aviation HQ” and it “would be the main place where you can come and get the latest aviation news, analysis, info and opinion!”

To complement this, they brought in former F-16 fighter pilot, turned 747 and later 787 pilot (and aviation veteran), Christopher Harrow, to be their Editor in Chief.

He came into International Aviation HQ with the same ferocity that he is known for. He came in and wiped all of the aviation writers into a frenzy about writing about aviation.

“No story in the industry will go unpublished!” He allegedly said. “An if one does, I will not stop until it is!” He is also reported to have said!